Anti-Counterfeit Policy

1. About the Anti-Counterfeit Policy 

1.1. Purpose 

KreziCart strives to ensure that its buyers can always shop on KreziCart with trust and confidence. We also respect and uphold the intellectual property rights of brand owners and product manufacturers, and endeavor to maintain fair competition on our marketplace.

Products offered for sale on KreziCart must be authentic. The sale of counterfeit products is strictly prohibited. Failure to abide by this policy may result in loss of selling privileges, funds being withheld, and disposal of inventory in our possession.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that we seek to protect our buyers and genuine sellers from the sale of counterfeit products on KreziCart. 

We encourage all buyers, brands and manufacturers who have product authenticity concerns to notify us. We will promptly investigate and take appropriate action to protect buyers, other sellers, and rights holders. 

1.2. Scope 

On this Policy, you will learn; 

  • How sellers may identify counterfeit products and remove them from sale; 
  • Information that KreziCart may expect from sellers in order to establish the authenticity of their products; 
  • The consequences of violating this Policy. 
  • How KreziCart actively seeks out and removes counterfeit products from sale
  • Why does KreziCart have this Policy?

1.3. Who does this Policy apply to? 

This Policy applies to all sellers on the KreziCart marketplace and all the sellers that are thinking of selling on the marketplace. 

2. What is a counterfeit product? 

Counterfeit products—sometimes called “knockoffs”—are purposely manufactured and sold as an imitation of a brand-name product. These fakes usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • clothing and accessories, such as watches, jewelry, shoes, handbags, wallets
  • electronics, including computers and accessories
  • movies, music, software, games and other media, and
  • medications and personal care products.

(for example, a shoe with the Adidas name or logo that wasn’t made by Adidas)

3. How can you ensure that you do not list a counterfeit product?

It is the responsibility of each seller to responsibly source, sell, and fulfill only authentic products that are legal for sale.

Sellers can ensure that they do not list counterfeited products by purchasing and reselling stock from authorized distributors only. 

We encourage sellers to avail themselves of online resources available from premium brands for detecting, and reporting counterfeits. If in doubt about the authenticity of your products, do not list them on KreziCart, and contact the brand.

4. What are the consequences of violation of this Policy?

If a seller supplies counterfeited products, in violation of this Policy and the law, KreziCart shall delist the products from sales and apply the appropriate penalties.

KreziCart may also, in its discretion, take further corrective action, which may include, without limitation, the following: 

  • suspending or terminating the seller’s shop on KreziCart; 
  • destroying the stock without reimbursement to the seller and at the seller’s cost; 
  • withholding payments to the seller; 
  • delivering the stock to the relevant law enforcement authority, without reimbursement to the seller and at the seller’s cost; and/or 
  • commencing legal action against the seller (the sale of counterfeit products may also lead to criminal prosecution). 

5. How does KreziCart detect counterfeit products? 

KreziCart is continuously innovating working with manufacturers, rights holders, content owners, vendors, and sellers to improve the ways we detect and prevent inauthentic products from reaching our customers.

  • Product creation and content updates: When sellers create new product listings, or edit existing listings, some listings are subject to approval by KreziCart before they are published on the website. Sellers will receive notification of all counterfeit products that are blocked. 
  • Physical inspection: We conduct random physical inspection of products in our warehouses in Haiti, as well as more targeted inspections in respect of high risk products and sellers with high rates of return. We can therefore detect practices such as the listing authentic products and delivery of fakes, and the listing of fake products under alternative brand names. 
  • Maintain and Provide Inventory Records: KreziCart may request that you provide documentation (such as invoices) showing the authenticity of your products or your authorization to list them for sale. You may remove pricing information from these documents, but providing documents that have been edited in any other way or that are misleading is a violation of this Policy and will lead to enforcement against your account.

6. Why does KreziCart have this Policy?

This Policy prevents the sale of counterfeit items, which are illegal, and could expose sellers to legal risk. Removing them protects sellers and their buyers from buyer protection claims and financial loss.

7. More Information

If you are a seller and you have any questions about this Policy, please contact our seller support team.

We encourage anyone (buyer or seller) who suspects inauthentic items are being sold on KreziCart to notify us by emailing We’ll investigate the situation and take appropriate action.


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